Soil Science Department Overview

Department of Soil Science mainly conducts research for on-site specific fertilizer and manure requirement, fertilizer management for higher utilization efficiency and primary, secondary and micronutrient requirement of commercially important medicinal and aromatic crops (MACs. Areas of research include soil fertility evaluation in long term experiments on mint based cropping system, utilization of sodic waste land through cultivation of high value MACs, phytoremediation of heavy metal polluted soil, rhizosphere microbiology of sodic and heavy metal polluted soils, allellopathy and soil-microbe-plant interaction. The areas of interest of the department include elucidating fertilizer and nutrient requirement and their management for the cultivation of medicinal and aromatic plants in both normal and stressed soil at different conditions, utilization of problem soils affected with salinity, sodicity and metal toxicity and their necessary management for the cultivation of identified MAPs tolerant towards respective abiotic stress