Farm Services

CSIR-CIMAP Research farm was established in 1978 at CSIR-CIMAP, Lucknow and it is spread in 25 hectares of land. This unit is known for the combination of Farm, MAPs conservation, varieties & agro-technologies demonstration, advance MAPs/agricultural implements, Vermicomposting, Horticulture and Landscape Operation Service Unit. Further the farm is being used for conducting experimental research on various MAPs, conservation of MAPs, demonstration of varieties & agro-technologies, seed production, multiplication of authentic MAPs/verities etc. The objective of this unit is to plan and provide various operational and machinery services to the scientific, technical staff and research scholars of CSIR-CIMAP, Lucknow. The farm also engaged in producing and selling the quality planting material of various MAPs to the public at reasonable price. The Unit has following various objectives.

Management of Farm operations

The experimental farm has been engaged in providing services related to the unit operations like land preparations, sowing, harvesting and processing of various MAPs produced in the 25 hectares of land using indigenous and recently developed implements/ equipments. All these operations have been accomplishing in time during experiments in various seasons.
The CSIR-CIMAP farm is maintaining the germplasm/varieties developed in CIMAP as well as other research institutes from past couple of decades. In addition to these, the wild germplasms of MAPs are also maintained in the farm. Further a huge number of accessions/varieties being maintained in the CSIR-CIMAP farm conservatories. In accordance with the implementation of various plans and programmes, CSIR-CIMAP works, as collected from published literature and websites, this article presents information on current activities in India in two important aspects of the field, namely, conservation of medicinal plants; and management of data generated from such studies.

Ornamental Horticulture and landscaping unit

Ornamental Horticulture and Landscaping unit of CIMAP was merged in the CSIR-CIMAP farm unit for creating synergies of work for efficient operations of the Unit. The merged unit was named as Farm, Horticulture and Landscape Operation Service Unit. The unit is managing all the landscaping work, maintenance of gardens/lawns, rose rosary and participation in various flowers events (Coleus & chrysanthemum exhibition, rose & gladiolus exhibition) organized by different organization such as CSIR-NBRI, Governor house of UP and Nagar Nigam, Lucknow.


Dr. Rajesh Kumar Verma

Farm Manager & Senior Principal Scientist

Dr. Rakesh Kumar


Dr. Anand Kumar T. M.


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