Work area of Crop Production & Protection


Crop Production and Protection Divisional Unit (CPP-DU) is a close-knit and dynamic department that deals with natural resource management, development of cost effective and problem solving agro technologies for medicinal and aromatic plants (MAPs), MAPs based cropping systems involving traditional food & Agricultural crops, remediation of problematic soils using MAPs, valorisation of distilled waste, development of MAPs based agrochemicals such as pesticide and herbicides. The another important work area of DU is identification of plant-associated microorganisms like bacteria, fungi, nematodes and insects - pests causes diseases and other productivity related problems and their eco-friendly management. The DU also deals with microorganism which are beneficial for the MAPs and development of their consortium for enhancing efficacy. The division is also working for mechanization in MAPs for reducing cost of production. Production of quality planting material MAPs for their commercial cultivation is an important activity of the DU.


To provide leadership in agro-technological research of MAPs by developing new concepts and approaches of sustainable crop production suited to the farmers.

Thrust R & D areas:

  • Research on enhancing the productivity, quality, and yield of MAPs for enhancing farmer income (Saksham Bharat).
  • Resource management: water, weed, and nutrient management in MAPs production.
  • Utilization of problematic soil or wasteland (Metal and pesticide-contaminated soil, sodic soil, mine soils, Ganga basin) using MAPs based cropping system for sustainable development (Swachh Bharat).
  • Distilled waste valorization for production of value-added products (vermicomposting, biochar) for enhancing the soil organic matter and recycling the nutrients (Swachh Bharat).
  • Production of agrochemical (Weedicide and pesticide, allelopathy potential) from the MAPs and bio fertilizers (Saksham Bharat).
  • Research on plant-microbe interaction i.e. utilize the strength of microbes (capable of producing siderophores, hormones, cellulase, chitinase, PSB, antibiotics etc.) and use these as bio inoculants to enhance the plant health and yield.
  • Research on the outbreak of new and important diseases of MAPs caused by fungal, bacterial, viral and phytoplasma. Investigation on the epidemiology and etiology of the diseases through classical and molecular approaches.
  • Identification and management of insects –pests causing economic losses and their management.

Human Resource Development

The faculty of the division is also involved in teaching and supervision the Ph.D student under AcSIR and JNU Ph.D programme.
Mentoring Post-Doctoral Fellow, Women scientist and graduate trainees
Organizing different offline/online training and field demonstrations of Agro-Technologies developed by DU for enhancing farmer’s income.